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Teachers & Staff

our teachers

Veronica Avila (Room 1, Head Teacher)

Mary Levinson (Room 2)

Martha Gonzalez (Room 2, PCC)

Melody Gonzalez-Gutierrez (Room 3)

The staff at Glenfeliz Early Education Center is dedicated to provide every child with the needed tools to succeed in their educational career. Each staff member is trained to provide a safe and nurturing environment to each child. The following is a list of the trainings the staff has undergone:

  • Child Abuse Reporting-Legal Requirements and Reporting Procedures
  • Responding and Reporting Hate Crimes and Bias-Motivated Incidents
  • Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy/Procedures Non-discrimination
  • Abolition of Corporal Punishment
  • Emergency Drill Procedures
  • Notification of Parents' Rights
  • Bullying and Hazing Policy
  • Personal Rights
  • Student and Employee Security
  • Nondiscrimination Information and Sexual Harassment Policy
  • Injury & Illness Prevention Program
  • Ethics Policies and Code of Conduct Policies
  • Section 504 and Students with Disabilities
  • Uniform Complaint Procedures
  • Williams/Valenzuela Complaints
  • Discipline Foundation Policy
  • Internet Safety
  • Suicide Prevention; Threat, and Crisis Intervention


Our Beliefs

  • In teamwork and strong sense of community
  • In parent support and involvement
  • That all children can learn in a well prepared environment
  • That we must respect and value all cultures and languages
  • That we should cultivate the children's curiosity to investigate
  • In high expectations to foster children's learning